Scott Schieman

Professor of Sociology

University of Toronto

Professor of Sociology

Canada Research Chair

Scott Schieman is a Professor of Sociology and a Canada Research Chair in the Social Contexts of Health at the University of Toronto. He served as Chair of the Sociology Department (St. George) from 2015 to 2021. He is currently co-editor of Society and Mental Health, the flagship journal for the Sociology of Mental Health Section of the American Sociology Association (ASA).

Professor Schieman has received the Dean’s Excellence Award each year since his 2004 appointment at the University of Toronto. He has also received the Oswald Hall Award for Outstanding Teaching and the Leonard I. Pearlin Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Sociological Study of Mental Health from the ASA.

Research Interests 

Sociology of Work

Stratification and Inequality

Health/Mental Health

Social Psychology

Professor Schieman studies the centrality of work in everyday life. He is especially interested in the ways that work shapes the sense of self and identity, status, and well-being. Since 2005, he has collected data from 30,000 workers in the United States and Canada. Drawing upon decades of quantitative and qualitative evidence, his research tells the story about the quality of working life and its effects over time.

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